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Making a commitment to a realtor is an extremely important decision. You need someone you can trust!

If you’re selling...
You need someone who has the same sense of urgency about selling your property as you do. If you have to move before your property sells, you need to know that your agent will continue to work hard to find a buyer. You need an agent who will put your listing on her website so that it available to virtually anyone in the world. You need someone who will actively search for a qualified buyer and who will follow-up on all leads!

If you’re buying...
You need someone who will listen to your needs and try to match you to just the right location and who understands that you have to find the perfect place so you can get your life back in order - soon. If you know that your stay here will be short-term, you need someone who can advise you about the safest area to buy in terms of resale. You need someone who knows where the schools and churches and grocery stores are. You need someone who can direct you to the appraisers, lending agents, surveyors, utility companies. You need someone who will help you with the transition to the area.
You need a realtor who will make a commitment to you!

I have made a commitment to this community and I am actively involved with community service agencies such as the ASSOCIATION OF ESTATE AGENTS OF NIGERIA, "AEAN" and NIGERIA ASSOCIATION OF ESTATE SURVEYORS AND VALUERS “NIESV"

I have shown this commitment for years and I look forward to putting this commitment to work for you today!
-Olamide O. Etti, Your Real Estate Connection.